Company Secretarial Services

Corporate governance and regulatory compliance obligations are the responsibilities of the Company Directors. The good news is that you can rely on our experienced Company Secretary to relieve you from the stress of having to stay up-to-date with ACRA's regulations and you can trust us to remind you of the filing deadlines!

Should You Appoint a Company Secretary?

Every company must appoint a company secretary (who is a Singapore resident) with the relevant knowledge and experience to discharge his/her duties as the Secretary of your Company.

The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company is in compliance with statutory requirements and can also advise the Board of Directors on the Companies Act.

The Company Secretary role and responsibilities

  • Acting as the named company secretary for your company.
  • Setting up of registers of company officers and auditors (if necessary)
  • Preparation and maintenance of minutes and statutory registers
  • Maintaining your Register of Controller(s).
  • Timely reminders of holding AGMs, filing of Annual Return to ACRA
  • Preparation of resolutions for change of directors & registered office address
  • General advice on the requirements of the Companies Act
  • Lodgement with ACRA for changes of company officers, registered offices
  • safekeeping of company documents such as share certificates and shareholders’ agreements


The 5 key reasons why you should outsource your Company Secretarial obligations to us:

  1. Extensive Experience
    Our team has a combined experience of more than 35 years in providing company management services. You can trust us to take care of your company's compliance matters and attend to your queries regarding your statutory obligations.

    There is always a company secretarial expert available to deal with ad hoc matters as they arise; especially when your company is having to complete an important and time-sensitive transaction.

  2. Promptness
    We know the importance of responding to your requests and providing you with viable solutions promptly. We will work with you to ensure that every task request is completed within the specified time frame.

    The Company Secretary will answer your questions from your Board of Directors regarding any updates and changes to ACRA regulations and guidelines, within 24 hours of receiving the query.

  3. Expertise
    We have the required knowledge and experience to deliver your requirements. Your company benefits from the extensive experience and knowledge of skilled individuals who possess relevant qualifications. By engaging the services of our Company Secretary, you are choosing to work with someone who has a high level of training in company secretarial and compliance.

  4. Business Insight
    No two clients are the same and the needs and requirements of the structures we deal with vary dramatically. We offer flexible and bespoke SPV management services that are tailored specifically to your needs. If you have any plans for re-structuring your company, do get in touch with us and let us help you with a viable solution.

  5. Be on time, on target
    Our company secretarial team utilise the latest company secretarial technology and also work with talented IT partners to develop technology in the company secretarial sector that is suitably tailored to the needs of the many Board directors that we support.

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