Employment Pass

Foreigners who would like to set up or work for a Singapore company, and be based in Singapore, will need to apply for a Singapore work pass visa. For entrepreneurs and skilled professionals, this will usually be an Employment Pass.

Employment Pass Application Guide

Thinking of coming to Singapore to work? Maybe you plan to set-up your own business in Singapore, or have found a job placement? Well, the next step for you is to obtain a work visa, more commonly an Employment Pass (EP).

What is an employment pass?

An Employment Pass (“EP”) is a type of work visa that allows foreign professionals who have a job offer or who intend to set up his/her own business in Singapore to relocate and work here. Specifically, the EP is geared toward professionals such as directors, managers, executives or specialists.

The EP is valid for up to 2 years (for start-ups and small companies, this is typically 1 year) and can be renewed for a maximum period of 3 years once it expires.

For more information about the Employment Pass work pass, see: Employment Pass FAQs

Employment Pass eligibility

To encourage internal promotion and skills upgrading of local staff, and to attract only the most dynamic foreign talents, the eligibility criteria for a Singapore Employment Pass can be tough to satisfy. However, if you can meet the following criteria, you’re someone that Singapore wants:

NB: For entrepreneurs/angel investors in scientific/tech industries, the appropriate pass for you may be an EntrePass, where you will be assessed on different criteria, i.e. whether you hold intellectual property in your name or have experience in business startups, fundraising and expansion.

Ready to Apply?

So, have you met all the eligibility criteria and wish to apply an EP? Unfortunately, foreigners are unable to apply for an EP by themselves (as your application must be initiated and sponsored by your local employer). The application of an EP is done through the Singapore government portal which requires a CorpPass ID (i.e. Employer’s ID). Therefore, your employer will need to apply for your EP for you, using their CorpPass, or your employer can outsource your EP application to a licensed Employment Agency service provider.

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Pricing package

At Easy2Incorporate, we provide a customized one-stop solution to ensure smooth processing, and the avoidance of careless errors for you.

Before applying for your EP, we will be providing you with a complimentary EP eligibility assessment and advise you on how to better increase your chance for a successful EP application.

If you/your employer decide to engage us to assist you with your EP application, we charge a flat fee of S$1,280. This fee covers:

Once the application is successful, you will be required to pay an additional fee of S$225 (issuance of EP work pass) + S$30 for multi-visit visa (for some nationalities only) to the Singapore government before obtaining your EP.

*Should you wish to engage us to assist you with appealing the rejection of your application, we can do this for you at an additional fee of S$500-800 depending on the difficulty/complexity of the case.

Documents required for the application

When applying for the EP, you will need to provide us with the following documents (copies)/information:

In the course of processing your EP application, depending on the stage of business development, the MOM may ask for additional documents relating to the physical presence of the company, including tenancy agreements, CPF/payroll records, business plan, photos, and so on.

Application process

Each and individual EP is evaluated by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on a case-by-case basis therefore the processing time for each candidate varies. However, the general processing time for EP will take around 3 weeks. If an appeal is required, it will take another 3 weeks.


Contact a Work Pass Specialist

If you are interested in applying for an EP, it is advisable for you to seek professional help or get a free preliminary consultation with our work pass specialist.