Payroll Services

It is challenging for an SME business to stay up to date with Singapore Employment laws and statutory requirements (such as, Employment Act, CPF, MOM and IRAS Tax Act). Our HR professionals provide complete payroll services, including guidance on drafting employment contracts.

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Payroll Services

For a small company, the number of employees does not justify the need to have a dedicated in-house HR person who is experienced in payroll matters and well-versed in labour laws and statutory requirements (such as, Employment Act, CPF, MOM and IRAS Tax Act. Therefore, it is prudent for an SME to outsource its payroll functions to a professional firm who can provide a comprehensive range of payroll services, including advisory on the Employment Contracts.


The 5 benefits of outsourcing your payroll to our firm:

  1. Save Money.
    By outsourcing your payroll, you will not need to purchase your own payroll software and hire a full-time payroll staff.

  2. Save Time.
    If you hire an in-house payroll staff, you will be required to train them (unless they are experienced) and keep up with the latest rules and regulations. Outsourcing the job will help you to save time as you will need to find a suitable staff and constantly being updated on the rules and regulations.

  3. Ensures the job is always done.
    If you intend to hire an in-house payroll staff, you may face a possibility of not being able to hire a suitable and reliable staff (within your salary budget). Outsourcing will ensure that there will always be someone to complete the job on time.

  4. Increase efficiency.
    By outsourcing, you will be able to streamline your process and simplify your administration. This will help to reduce careless errors during the process.

  5. Customized Payroll services.
    We keep an eye on your budget and tailor our payroll packages to your needs.

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Payroll Services

At Easy2Incorporate, we customise our packages and services to suit your company needs.

  • check_circle_outlineMonthly Payroll services (up to 2 employees) $180/month

    Payroll package inclusive of:

    • Computerized process of monthly payroll calculations for all type of businesses
    • Preparation of monthly payroll report and bank transfer (GIRO) instruction file
    • Issue salary cheque payment or GIRO
    • Generation of computerized pay slips
    • CPF registration
    • Monthly CPF payment
  • check_circle_outline Preparation of IR8A (free with monthly payroll services) $50/employee
  • check_circle_outline CPF Registration $300 (one-off fee)
  • check_circle_outline Preparation of IR21 $250/employee

For additional payroll services including review of employment contracts, please contact us for a quote.

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