Pro Package for Foreign Entrepreneurs

As a new business owner, fresh off the boat, you’ll want to hit the ground running and start building connections – not be tied down with company compliance! Our Pro Package has everything you need to toe the line with local legislation while making headway with your business.

Pro Package for Foreign Entrepreneurs

As well as engaging us to set up your new Singapore company and secure your Singapore work pass (EP), why don’t you go the ‘whole hog’ and get us to look after your Company’s corporate compliance and tax filing, too! Our Pro Package includes everything you need to get a big green compliance tick from ACRA and the IRAS.

Our Pro Package includes:


  • Xero cloud accounting subscription;
  • Xero Setup of your Company’s Chart of Accounts – including up to 6 hours of training so that you can keep your own bookkeeping records online, and update date them on the go – wherever you are in the world (even on a beach in Bali)!
  • Compilation of your Company’s financial statements (based on your Xero year-end financial reports) into a Financial Report.
  • Preparation of AGM documents
  • Annual Return Filing of your accounts with the ACRA
  • Company Tax Computation & Filing with the IRAS

To check your eligibility for the Pro Package, click here, to ensure that you first meet the assessment criteria for an Employment Pass, and click here for qualifying criteria to act as a director in a Singapore company. Furthermore, if you plan to bring your family with you to this tropical metropolis, click here to see if you/they qualify for a Dependant’s Pass visa. (We can take care of all your dependant’s visas, too, for a reasonable fee).

You’ve ticked all the right boxes? Great! Let’s go!

Getting the Ball Rolling

Step 1. Send a request here for one of our company formation and employment agency consultants to speak with you.

Step 2. Receive an email from us, or a download link from one of our partners, containing Company Incorporation & Know Your Customer (KYC) forms for you to fill out.

A Bit of Leg Work...

Step 3. Send us your completed forms, together with scanned copies/photographs of the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport’s photo page;
  • Copy of a document that provides proof of your residential address (e.g. home utility bill, driver’s licence), that is no older than 3 months from the current date;
  • A personal reference letter from a banking institution or notary public (a sample will be provided to you) for at least one shareholder and one director;
  • Copy of the Managing Director’s (and EP applicant’s, if different person) resume/CV.


  • Documents in a foreign language must be submitted together with an English translation certified by an official translation service provider;
  • Certified true copies of all official ID documents must be provided, with the original documents made available to us, later, for sighting;
  • Additional documents related to the directors, shareholders, EP applicant, and the activities of the new Company may be required on a case to case basis.

Cheques(!) & Measures

Step 4. On receipt of all the completed forms and documents listed above, our compliance team will carry out a compliance review. Our Employment Agency agents will also conduct a preliminary assessment of the EP applicant’s eligibility for EP.


  • Whilst we endeavor to always meet the needs of our clients, the provision of our resident local director is dependent on a satisfactory compliance report.
  • Our assessment of an applicant’s eligibility for EP is indicative only, based on the Ministry of Manpower’s Self-Assessment Tool (SAT). We do not guarantee success, even if the SAT result is favourable, as the final decision is at the discretion of the MOM officer assigned to your case.

Step 5. Following a satisfactory compliance report and EP eligibility check, we will send you our tax invoice for payment.

Step 6. Upon the settlement of our invoice and your confirmed job order, we will prepare and email to you the relevant Company incorporation documents for signing, scanning and return to us. With your go-ahead, we will also proceed to reserve your chosen company name with ACRA.


Step 7. Immediately (i.e. within the same day/following day) after receiving your complete, signed, set of Singapore company incorporation documents, we will register your new company with ACRA.

Step 8. At a time that suits you, we will set up and train you on Xero cloud accounting at our office.

Step 9. Time to start work on your EP application! Based on our years of experience in securing work passes for new companies (with no track record in Singapore), we will work with you to put together a persuasive EP application. Within 3 months of your setting up your Company, you should be well on your way to running on your own.

Step 10. After you have obtained your EP, we will help you to set up your Company’s CorpPass – this is your Company’s ID for carrying out government linked transactions.

Got a Question? Contact our specialist!

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