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Using Xero for Your Business

Xero meets most of the accounting requirements for business owners and it is easy to use. The automated bank feeds allow bank transactions to be imported into Xero automatically through a secured connection so that there is no need for you to do manual data entry or to import your excel bank analysis worksheets.

Furthermore, you can install Xero on your mobile and access up-to-date cash flow and other financial information. However, the business owner who is not familiar with accounting, may find the process of setting up Xero to be complicated. If this happens, you may even end up questioning your own decision and choice of using Xero.

At Easy2incorporate, we recognize that business owners need to focus their time on business development activities and must be free from the hassle of setting up and implementing Xero for their business. Therefore, all our Xero training programmes are specially customised for the business owner in the course of understanding of your business activities and needs.

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We've partnered with Aspri Associates, the conversion experts, to help you make the move to Xero. We'll convert up to 12 months of your accounts at 50% off our normal fee and give you a seamless transition to a better accounting software.

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For those of you who choose to swtich to Xero cloud accounting, we have partnered with Aspri Associates to offer you:
  • 50% off setup fee from now to 31 July 2021
  • 25% off Xero subscription for the next 12 months (if you sign up before 31 May 2021)
  • Free 2-hour intensive training - onsite or at your premises

Training Methodology

The courses and programme run by our Xero Accounting clinic will suit the entrepreneur who has just subscribed to Xero and would like to be able to set up/implement Xero for daily use. This program will also suit Business leaders who want to achieve a higher level of expertise for management reporting.

We keep to a small class size of 3 participants for maximum trainer interaction. The first hour is on Xero's 4 key features and how this aligned with the business owner's objectives and requirements. The next hour will be on the setting up details and hands-on training exercises (based on actual invoices and bills you may bring to the class). Laptops will be provided but you are also encouraged to bring your own laptop.

Invoicing Solutions for Xero

We can offer bespoke invoicing solutions using Xero that are unique to each company's business requirements - from invoice and packing list creation through to automated invoicing to payment collection and linking to Xero accounting. Contact us for more details.

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